Are hitting and pitching the same actions?

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5 Responses to Are hitting and pitching the same actions?

  1. Richard Todd says:

    No and yes. Pitching from the stretch and hitting both start from a balanced athletic posture. Both initiate with an upper body load, with a hip to trigger delivery, with core coil and uncoil, with sequential transfer of optimal momentum, and the release point of force (ball thrown, bat hits ball) are both out front, more or less around the knee, and that knee has to be an energy fulcrum …so for me, lots of “yeses”. But the differences are in when the action must be initiated.. pitcher has control and batter must react. Also the follow through must serve the same intent – to protect the body while braking, but the forces being countered in pitching are external and downward, and the forces applied in swing follow through are upward and externally driven (bat momentum) and given how many injuries are the result of poor follow through , I’d say the differences, though few, are significant.

  2. phil gangi says:

    For all intensive purposes, hitting and pitching are the same actions. I have often told hitters to mirror the action of the pitcher. For example, when the pitcher shows you his butt, you show him yours. I would be happy to go into newtons 3rd law, but basically stated both hitting and pitching are greatly improved by implementing an equal and opposite reaction for every action.

  3. Bob Brian says:

    I am very critical of pitching ans hitting coaches at the major league level because they overcoach. Relaxation and tension-free are the necessary attributes for successful pitching and hitting. Recently manager Bob Melvin told Trevor Cahill just to go out and pitch, without thinking about mechanics, a nd he pitched a great game. I am sure that Ted Williams and Stan Musial, asmong others, hit tension free. Perhaps this is over simplication, but pitching and hitting are much the same action.

  4. Kevin Bartley says:

    The lower body and torso do have the same actions. Throwing the hips and coiling the upper torso have a lot to giving you power in your swing and velocity in your pitch.

  5. Though they are Similar in nature, I would disagree. In my hitting instruction, I have gotten away from the big body movement load during the swing and have become an advocate of the hands back Pre-Load in the stance with the hands tapping not over swinging at the ball making sweet spot contact more probable increasing HR output. Pitching on the contrary entails the Torso and arm torquing back to obtain power which is paramount to throwing with speed. In contrast I feel that any average genetic baseball player has adequate bat speed to be a great hitter i.e.( The skinny Ted Williams). Also strongly proven by the Check Swing where as batters just get that bat around late only to hit down the Power Alley for average. Thanks

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