What is the most important count in baseball?

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8 Responses to What is the most important count in baseball?

  1. Matt says:

    1-1. This count must be won. If the batter goes 1-2, the batting average goes down, if he goes 2-1, typically the average goes up. The 1-2 count allows the pitcher to throw something on the ‘black’ or up in the zone to either get the call or draw a defensive swing thus making the batter to come off ‘his pitch’ and expand the zone and try to decipher the most predictable pitch and try to hit a pitch where it is thrown, conversely, the 2-1 count is usually when a batter is thinking fastball and most high school pitchers aren’t disciplined or confident enough or even taught for that matter to trust their off-speed pitch and throw it in a fastball count so they can sit on the fastball or continue to look for, and hit, ‘their pitch’ hard somewhere.

  2. Ryan says:

    1-1 count

  3. Ted Browne says:

    The most important count in baseball is the current count. You can’t focus on anything but the next pitch.

  4. Ted Browne says:

    BTW, thanks IU…Go Hoosiers! You folks helped start our educational nonprofit Beyond Athletic Life Lessons, and we mainly focus on baseball.

  5. Bobby Sanders says:

    the 3-1 count is the most difficult count to educate hitters on. It is really a rally killers because players feel that the pitcher has got to get that pitch in and they really think the pitch is going to be a good. The only pitch I want my hitter to swing at is an attachable belt high fastball. I use every little prevalent happening 1.e pitcher’s control, score of the game, inning of the game, bases that runners are on as guide to swing at the 3-1 pitch.

  6. Rich Sammon says:

    Two perspectives as it depends who you are asking this question to…
    Thanks & THINK Baseball!

    Pitcher view:
    0-0….F-irst P-itch S-trikes provides dominant a tone throughout the game…

    Hitter view:
    1-1…i think statistically the batters odds of success weigh in the balance at this point…

  7. Don Freeman says:

    I believe the 1-1 count is the key factor in pitching success if the pitcher has reasonable command. Get ahead 1-2 the hitter imediately gets defensive and must protect his at bat. The umpire usually calls strikes a ball width off the plate. With the zone naturally expanded the hitter must cover more area. I like the odds for the pitcher and the stats show he is in control of the AB.

  8. Ben DeSantis says:

    First pitch strike is the biggest deal for me. The following was taken from an article in the April 22, 2010 edition of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette: “The first-strike effect cannot be overstated: A recent study by the Hardball Times online journal showed that a pitcher throwing a ball in the strike zone gets either an 0-1 count or an out a remarkable 92.7 percent of the time. And the common batting average after an 0-1 count is .239.”

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